Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sneak Peek and a chance to win!

I have a new release coming out tomorrow and wanted to do a little contest. Leave a comment with your guess as to what the name of the kit is and whoever comes closest or gets it head on will win! How does that sound? Put on your thinking caps and get those entries in!


  1. Up in the sky ?
    Flying high ?
    Ballooning around ?

    Very cheerful colors, I like it.

  2. How about: Soar!, Above & Beyond, Up Up and Away, Over the Rainbow, I Can Fly. Those are my best guesses. Good luck on your new kit!

  3. Did I win? I almost guessed it word for word. I threw in the extra "up". My email is magickalteddy at, if you need it. Cute kit!


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