Monday, March 30, 2009

Graham Like the Cracker's latest and greatest!

This is a refurbished kit done by Jen (Graham Like the Cracker) soon to be designer for Gingerscraps!! I worked with the original (which you can get for free by visiting her blog!) Not to mention she is giving the kit away to one chosen layout winner so go get it and you might be the lucky one! Talk about easy and wonderful!

This is one of the layouts that I did. I love this picture of the kids - I must have used it about 5 times for different layouts...sorry but for me it never gets old:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

QP Freebie from Wild Child kit

Here it is! Grab this QP to go along with your Wild Child kit!!

Here is the kit - drum roll please!!!!!!
Go get it now!
Want the chance to get these glitters free? I bet you do! Take a look here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New layouts!

This one is a page for a friend (charmaine) who is in a design contest at scrapmatters. I didn't have a picture that suited the kit so I used one from the Smithsonian National Museum of the giant panda cub that was there - may still be, not sure!

The kit is "bamboo zen" and you can get it here!

This one is just one that I did of my kids playing at a friends house with her two on Saturday. The kids have such a good time together and as of lately are playing together much better!

The kit is "little friends" by majula at godigitalscrapbooking..

This one is for a color challenge at fpd using the colors turquoise, orange and yellow. I love the grunge effect of this kit and the challenge was just that!

I used the "lennox" kit from funkyplayground designs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild Child - perfect first day of spring kit!

Look at this brand new kit from Chanin of Snowflake Beach Designs over at GDS...isn't it the bestest? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's great for boys and girls and is especially great for the first day of spring!

Grab the kit here!

Here are a few layouts that I did with it today. I had this picture of Lucas and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. I think the colors are so bright and vivid that it just screams "SPRING".

This is Abby wearing Daddy's shoes. She had a hard time and didn't get too far in them:)

Ray took this one of Lucas the other day biting his toenails. As gross as it is I know that he is not the only child to do it - don't be afraid to scrap the icky things, lol!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two More

So here are two layouts that I did for challenges at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns.

This is for a color challenge, colors being red, blue and silver. I LOVE this kit - hi tek wub by valorie brown and an element set from marcie reckinger called robot nation.

This is for a font challenge using the font "moms typewriter". I knew what kit I wanted to use right away but I was at a loss for a decent pregnant picture of myself so I went a different route with the page. The kit is maternal instinct by krsytal hartley and mickey b designs. The funny tihng is that I think the shirt is still in my closet somewhere:)

New Layouts

Here are a few new layouts...the new digifile part 3 is out and this great kit Bee Buzz Buzz by Kitty Designs is included - isn't it just sweet? The alpha is newspaper by Designs by Nicki.
Of course Lucas is my crying toddler so this page suits him as it's something that I say to him all of the time!

This one is using a kit called RSVP from Genia Beana Scraps - grab it here.
I am not sure on the year as my Mom was at work and I couldn't bother her for it (hehe) so I estimated. If it's wrong I'll change it, lol.

This one is using a kit called Lovestruck from the digifiles part 1. It's by Melissa Bennett. The alpha is clearly awesome by Nikki Scott.
This has always been one of my favorite baby pictures of Abby - she looks so thin and petite compared to her stocky little self now:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Layouts

Here are a few pages that I got done over the weekend. My problem doesn't seem to be making the pages, it's the deciding of what pictures. Although I must take 200 pictures a week (at least) it's hard to find ones that match the themes I want to do. I have been improvising lately with the titles and trying to use elements from the kit to determine the title and go from there. I can't wait to get the kids out to play...our yard is still way too wet and muddy to play in and the park down the street is the same way. Hopefully we will get some sunshine and warmer weather soon! And then I'll have some new, fresh pics to use!!

This is a kit done by Char. I saw it and fell in love. You can grab her kit time only so hurry!!

This is the page that I did tonight. I loved using the bubbles as frames and using the elements to frame the picture. Besides these are really cute pictures, I especially love the one of Abby in her goggles...too funny.

This is done using the march sampler kit from corina at funky playground designs. It was/is a freebie with a purchase at the store. The alpha is crinkled up by danielle corbitt designs. I made the title separately and used some of the elements as letters to show the theme of the page. I thought it was a cute idea and what a picture of her to use. My long haired wild child!

This one is using the collab kit let it rock. I know you have seen it and if you haven't gotten it yet you are missing out big time!! I love the colors. I didn't care for the alpha so I used one called expecting you by krystal hertley - freebie:) - and just recolored it. As soon as I saw the kit, not unlike many others, I had to use it for guitar hero. We got it for Christmas two years ago and have only played it a handful of times. It was one of those things that we had to least someone here had to have. I would have much rather bought something digital, hehe.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Ashlyns Spring QP

Here is another QP using the Ashlyns Spring kit. This one is from Lanae and it's just beautiful. Grab the freebie here. (link expired)
You can also get these fabulous coordinating glitters at GDS. GO grab them now!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New QP's using Ashylns Spring kit

Here are two more QP's using Ashylns Spring kit from Snowflake Beach Designs.

Grab mine here. (link expired)
Grab Amy's here. (link expired)

Get the kit here at GDS.
If you get it by tomorrow you also get a coordinating alpha that is too sweet. What are you waiting for??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two new kits from my gals

This layout is done using Jen Graham's mini kit "Domestic Goddess". I am by no means a domestic goddess so I guess I gotta make my pages look like I am, lol.

Grab her kit here!

This layout is using Charmaines kit "Shadows of Me". I think this would work great with any theme but I have to say that I adore the little shadow pieces that she added to this - takes the maternal/motherly pages to a whole new level!

Grab her kit here!

More QP's!

This is Ashlyns Spring...the kit that has to be in your must haves! We did so many different types of pages - Easter, Spring, boy, girl, get the idea. Head over to Chanins store at GDS and pick this up!
The added bonus is that she is having a "GREEN" sale and all of her stuff is 30% off! What are you waiting for? Go get it now:)
Here is Char's QP - get it here!

And here is mine - grab it here and make sure to use the tags for names or dates - ENJOY!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ashlyns Spring Kit QP Freebie

This is a great little kit to have for any occasion or themed type page. Take a look at what our new creative team member, Janick did with it! I love the versatility of this kit and the fact that you will get 7 QP's is AMAZING!
Imagine what you could do with all of those and this fantabulous kit!
Grab it here!

Grab the QP here

Check out Janick's blog and leave her some love...what a great addition to our team!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Kit from Snowflake Beach Deisgns

This is a new kit from Chanin of Snowflake Beach Designs. I LOVE this kit to pieces. As you can see from the layouts done by her fantabulous creative team it it very versatile and can be used for a ton of things other than Spring or Easter!
Grab it here!
Chanins Corner


Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Layouts

Here are two more layouts using kits from Funky Playground Designs. I love them both!

Spring Rain kit by valorie brown

Joseph kit from lliella

Addcited to Digital

Here is a layout that I did using a $1 kit from Funky playground Designs. I saw it in my daily blog search and couldn't pass it by. We are all computer geeks of some kind these days!

This is a page I did for Chanin at Snowflake Beach Designs. It is using her kit Ashlyns Spring and her #4 template. I think it's a great kit and so versatile!!
Grab her template here
Make sure you check it out because there is a chance to win this kit!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Layout for GDS Challenge

This is a page that I did for a color challenge. I haven't done one before but I have been wanting to for awhile. So I saw a great new kit there and since I like to use kits from the site for the challenge and it since was free if you spent $10 I went ahead and got it along with an additional kit that I hope to use soon!

This is about my sweet Abby. She is such a terror at times, stubborn as can be (gets it honest I guess) and then the very next second she has her fingers in her mouth pulling her lips to the side and giving me her funny face. I guess that's what it's all about.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top 10 Blogs

So in my daily rewind of all of the blogs that I follow I found my name on another list, this time of favorite blogs. So here are my ten, considered yourself tagged if you read this:)

Please don't be offended if you are at the means nothing to me, I wish I could put them all in but that is just way too many!!!!!

1. Scrapping with Ikea Goddess - gotta love her!
2. Digi-free - ya can't beat free!!
3. Scrapping with Liz - the template Queen!
4. Graham Like the Cracker - Jen great gal and so creative:)
5. Chanins Corner - I am on her CT - she does awesome work!
6. Genia Beana Scraps - on CT with me, just the imagination!
7. A Funny Thing Happened Today - Char and her fabulous goodness!
8. A Fine Line Between Hobby and Obsession - Amy, sweet girl sweet designs!
9. Pricecheck - Lanae and her poor elbow:(
10. Megan's Scraps - Megan, she tagged me so I am returning the favor!

I too have been tagged

This is Lucas with his sunglasses and a thumbs up for all to see.

I was tagged by Jen, friend and digi addict alike with me at Snowflake Beach Designs.

1. Go to your picture folder (in my case I have various pictures scattered EVERYWHERE!)
2. From there go to the sixth picture and add it
3. Tag six people to do the same

I will tag Amy, Val, Chanin, Megan, Lanae and Bridget. I guess anyone can do it really, be inspired to pass it on!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New layouts using new kits and templates!

Here are two great templates by val (geniabeanascraps)...get them here

And here are the pages that I did with the templates. For this one I used a kit from char (wyldwebdesigns). The font is CK fashion. I recieved an email that there were CK font bundles on sale and I that was all the convincing that I needed! I love their fonts and only had a few in my collection. I am so EXCITED about them...lots of journaling to come!
You can get the kit "spring into froggy love" here

This one is a new favorite. I used other shots of the same day for another page I used with another of char's kits. This kit is "hoppin bananas" by amy (mistifaeryscrap). I love the colors and the textures that she used on the papers and the banana just makes the page! Get the kit here!
Hurry so you can get the add on kit as well:)

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